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Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Fine motor, functional movement, sensory-based for children and adults
  • Sensory diet implementation and family training
  • Autism and sensory processing disorder
  • Fine motor skills - writing, drawing, play, rehab of prior skills
  • Oculomotor, balance


The goal of our occupational therapy services is to help you participate in the things you want and need to do through the use of everyday activities.

We have worked with several providers, including [large therapy chain], over the years for our son. Only with the OT services at Circle Speech, have we found the necessary proficiency and experience in sensory processing issues to support him. Through customized treatment plans, our OT has built a positive and caring relationship with our son. He's quite selective about the grownups he will trust, so that's no small feat! Our OT is also helpful to our whole family by providing strategy suggestions for different environments and challenges...not to mention just offering an invaluable listening ear! The much-needed transfer of self-regulation skills has begun and we are very positive about our son's future due, in no small part, to our continuing relationship with OT services at Circle Speech.

Erin from Telford

Occupational Therapy

At Circle Speech, we offer Occupational Therapy services to maximize our clients’ independence and participation in their daily activities. Because we work with people in all stages of life, from birth through end-of-life, we can implement interventions to help with self-care, play, education, home care, socialization, feeding, sensory integration, and safety.

Our successful outcomes are the result of pairing a therapist to a client/family, and maintaining that consistency, for improved efficiency and progress. Your therapist will utilize years of education, training, and experience to implement a treatment program that will consider restorative and compensatory strategies, making environmental changes, as well practicing a desired skill.

Examples of restorative strategies might include things like strengthening, coordination, and balance exercises. Compensatory strategies include things like adaptive shoelaces or feeding utensils. Environmental changes might include a shower chair, handheld shower head, or grab bar. To ensure lasting success, we encourage our clients and their families to carry-over strategies

Circle Speech’s Occupational Therapists are available to see you at our Jamison office, or even in your home.